Meta Zoo

MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation is a TCG rooted in creatures, spells, and artifacts. For this first set, the creatures, or Beasties as we call them, are USA based cryptids (i.e. Bigfoot, Mothman, Jersey Devil, etc...).

What sets MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation apart is its core mechanic of breaking the 4th wall, or "meta". From a gameplay perspective, this means that the strength of your Beasties and Spells are impacted by the environment you play in. Playing on a rainy day? Your water Beasties and Spells get a power boost. Playing near an open fire while trying to keep warm as it snows outside? Your Flame spells are now twice as powerful, but watch out... the Snow outside not only boosts the strength of your opponent's Snow Beasties, but also makes some of them invisible (unable to be directly attacked).

This added level of meta means choosing your battleground to best suit your deck build, or rapidly building decks to suit your environment, is a key feature of the game. Imagine playing a friend, but deftly convincing them to play next to a patch of trees to gain additional power boosts for your Forest Beasties!